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2 min readJun 19, 2020

Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding Challenges We Faced and How We are Facing it

News of salary cuts, layoffs, and employee downsizing are heard every now and then. Despite these turbulent times, there are a handful of companies that have been successful in creating job opportunities and continue their hiring processes.

We at IVL, are happy to be in the league of such companies. Since lockdown, our talent acquisition team successfully onboarded 125+ employees, virtually.

Our virtual recruitment process has been slightly different from the actual process. Shortlisting of candidates from the available resources of Naukri, LinkedIn, and Facebook have been the only source. The interviews are conducted through digital platforms of skype, zoom, and teams.

One might think it would be easy to connect virtually and take an interview, but it is exactly the opposite. The pre and post-hiring processes have been challenging. The human-touch and physical interaction are amiss and due to the lockdown connecting to candidates who are currently at their hometowns or at a different geographical location is a major challenge.

Various operational issues like power failures, connectivity issues in remote locations, call-drops during the interview, time is taken for reconnecting the call, infrastructure constraints, and privacy is to be dealt with constantly. And it’s not only that, once the candidate is selected and we are faced with the next hurdle of virtual onboarding.

Earlier, the concept of virtual onboarding of employees was restricted to international onboarding. However, with the ongoing lockdown and enforced work from home situations, the concept is garnering attention and being increasingly adopted across businesses.

The candidates who were able to visit our offices were provided with the IT assets, physically. For remote employees, we have arrangements for delivering the devices to their homes. However, owing to current transport restrictions, this was a challenge. So, we looked for candidates who already had personal desktops or laptops, with the required configuration and technology requirements. They would use these personal machines until we could provide them with the company laptops.

The challenges have been there and are likely to stay as the situations keep on changing. But with the support of various team members from the HR, Admin, IT, we have been able to work around them.

We have hired more than 125 employees during the Lockdown period, and we are still in search of more suitable candidates.

So then, what are you waiting for? If you or friend or your acquaintance is looking for a job change or growth opportunity log in to our Careers page today.

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