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IVLGlobal 3 Weeks of COVID_19

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2 min readJun 24, 2020

These are a few of the things that have been foremost in our minds for the past few weeks. With the COVID_19 situation growing across the country, we at IVL also had to realign our processes and make Work from Home mandatory.

The initial phase of setting up a business continuity plan was crucial; it was like looking into a mirror that showcased our strengths and weaknesses. From initial setups of keeping hand sanitizers at strategic locations across all offices to getting Desktops delivered to employees at their homes, we have achieved a lot. Obtaining necessary permissions to work remotely from the clients and at the same time getting permissions from SEZ authorities for shifting of equipment and machines. Our HR, IT and Admin team have worked towards making all of it possible.

Though social distancing is the need of the hour, we ensured that we connect to our employees virtually. The internal communications team shared some tips on educating the team to Stay @ home Stay connected.

From “stand-up meetings” on skype to “Chai pe Charcha” on skype we have been doing it all.

For some the lockdown had its own challenges, after all, humans are known to be social animals. Here it is important to be motivated and focused. Our leaders and employees shared their thoughts on being motivated. Pledging to do Suryanamaskar, taking online courses for self-study, cooking new dishes with the help of YouTube to virtual fitness classes we had numerous ideas flowing in from our team members.

At present, there are almost 2 more weeks of existing lockdown period. Whereas the future is a little uncertain right now, in terms of when things will be back to normal. We are sure that we would come out of this phase much stronger as individuals and as a company. In the meanwhile, be safe, be at home, follow the rules, and be healthy.

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