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1. Data Security and Privacy.

2. Bandwidth cost & performance.

3. Cyber Security.

4. Service Quality for higher data security like Banks is not using Cloud because of Data security & cyber-attacks.

Opportunity for IT pros:

People are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud because of the following factors:

1. Less Cost.

2. 24 * 7 availability.

3. No need to maintain hardware.

4. Flexibility incapacity.

5. Automated updates on software — Users don’t need to worry about updates.

Cloud computing is the future of IT Industry Cloud Computing and virtualization is gaining popularity in these digital times. It simply is computing that works with shared computing resources instead of personal devices and local servers. Enabling, people to work on virtual platforms from any location across the globe. All the data centers, services, software are migrating to the cloud for the smooth functioning of the workplace. With the increased number of devices that work on the web access to data and information is mandatory to be easier.

These are the reasons to use cloud computing services:

1. Flexibility Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands.

2. Work from anywhere We can work from anywhere you just need an internet connection.

3. Disaster Recovery Cloud-based backup and recovery can easily be done.

4. Automatic software updates No need to check updates in servers or vulnerabilities that occurred in servers. It will automatically provide updates without bringing the server down.

5. Prices depend upon uses Less you use less you need to pay. More you use more need to pay approach.

6. Competitiveness Cloud services work towards helping business organizations to act quickly than competitors.

Which are the TOP cloud service providers?

Let’s plan to migrate our in-house Datacenter to Cloud. For that, we need to check which are the best Cloud service providers with their availability and the number of services they offered.

1. AWS (Amazon web services) is the first of the major players to offer cloud services to the public in 2006. Due to its scalability and the various billing options that are available with scalability, AWS is used by small-sized businesses and huge enterprises alike. For small-sized businesses, AWS gives the power of tapping into various enterprise-quality cloud infrastructure with minimal investment and no need to have on-premises IT.

2. Microsoft Azure has put a huge emphasis on the cloud and its revenue from Azure, its cloud business. The companies that use Windows as a platform mainly use Microsoft azure. Though small businesses use Azure’s services on a much smaller scale, the services are attractive to small businesses for the same reasons as they are attractive to large companies.

3. Google Cloud Platform Nowadays, GCP comes in a market & growing rapidly because of its advanced data analytics, which is how it can provide playlists based on preferences and trends. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a myriad of services, one set of services is it compute stack that contains, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (formerly Container Engine) (GKE), Google App Engine (GAE)and Google Cloud Functions (GCF).

Conclusion: In this article, we have spoken about Cloud computing and its benefits also why we should move to cloud infrastructure and the top cloud providers which are in the market. As an employee in the IT industry, we must have basic knowledge about one cloud service provider.

- Bhushan Kale

Originally published at on August 16, 2019.



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